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Duke Haney’s nonfiction collection, “Death Valley Superstars: Occasionally Fatal Adventures in Filmland,” includes pieces about such figures as Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison, Hugh Hefner, and Sly Stone, as well as lesser known celebrities, from Steve Cochran, the most glamorous of film-noir heavies, to Christopher Jones, “the next James Dean” who never quite was. Published by L.A.’s Delancey Street Press, the book will be released on Christmas Eve 2018.

Edgy Limited Series Photo Book “Folsom Street Food Court” Debuts

Acclaimed Photo Documentarian Michael Rababy with Words by Miah Jeffra

Published by Delancey Street Press

Los Angeles, CA- Tuesday, September 25th- Delancey Street Press announces the publication of the limited edition “Folsom Street Food Court,” the new book from irreverent photographer Michael Rababy.

“in these divided times, no matter where you come from or where you’re going, we all come together at the food court. All my friends in San Francisco complain how the city is changing. a century of artists and poets are being replaced by algorithmicists and trust-fund hipsters. soulless robots are casting out the full-flavored freaks. but as the millennium tower sinks, the Folsom street fair stands its ground.”

— michael rababy

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